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PHP CSS Code Generator

Simple 2 Column Website Template Maker:

Basic Version: This simple / easy to use template generator / maker is less complicated than the version on the main page. This page was requested by a PHP CSS newbie - that wants to use the power of php includes along with css stylesheets.
This PHP - HTML - CSS template generator will produce a two column layout that is not as complicated as the one with the header and the footer.

The resulting php template is a combination of several files i.e. the php/css template makes it easy to control multiply pages at a web site. The files are:

The default form (shown below) can be modified to test color combinations. For a few 'quick start' exaples use these options:

Style Sheet

body { background-color:  ;
color (text): ;
font-family:  ;
font-size: px; 

margin:px ;
padding-bottom:px ;  }

#left {position:absolute;
top:px;  width:px;
color (text):;
border:px solid ;  }

#mainbody {margin-left:px;
background: ;
border:px solid ; }

p,h1, {

Left Side Content

The 'left.html" content:

Mainbody Content

The mainbody.html content: