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Quick Start for Newbies

This Basic CSS HTML editor / generator can be used to make a very simple starter page - or an extremely basic 'hello' page (by removing all input in the form :). After a visitor sees the code for a basic page, they can advance to more tutorials, such as Basic HTML (How to Tutorial); PHP CSS Template Code Generator; PHP Template Tutorial, etc. etc. (as shown on More Tutorial Site.

IOHO: Steps (1) Click 'generate' (2) View source code (3) Use 'Back' and remove default info - for very basic page (4) Fill in form - one at a time (5) View source - learn as you go:

Title:       Heading:
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Brief Description:

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Background color:       Font Color:
Link Hover Color:       Note: Colors by name
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Purpose of This Generator:

This HTML - CSS basic template generator yields a simple starter page for newbie's. This HTML & CSS Style Sheet basic template generator makes use of simple / plain HTML tags along with basic css (style sheet) code.

Using a form to generate the basic template allows the visitor to modify setting until he/she is happy with the design. Therefore, the template generator serves as a full function HTML - CSS editor for a newbie's first page.

Then by reviewing the code for this simple page, a newbie gets a 'jump start' on learning how to code a web page from scratch. In other words, they start learning HTML and CSS code just by reviewing the code in the basic template.

Bottom Line: By playing around with various input values and then viewing the source code it's possible to learn a lot about basic HTML code. By viewing the source code, a student will learn as they make changes to the code.

'Latest' Improvement: W3C validation tag info, noarchive meta tag, meta tag keywords for search engines