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Tableless Code Generator
for column layout

This HTML - CSS template generator yields a three column layout without using any Tables. This HTML & CSS Style Sheet template generator outputs a full featured 3 column template. Resulting in an instant web page with a customized template that can be used to control the look n feel of an entire site.

The resulting CSS web template is not just a static template because the visitor can modify setting until he/she is happy with the design. Therefore, the template generator serves as a full function HTML - CSS editor for the popular 3 column layout.

This is the perfect startup page for webmasters that are ready to move to a CSS column layout instead of the older (outdated) table layout.
(BTW: Here is a 'step back' to a very Basic Tutorial for a 'first HTML' page. More advanced users can move on to the full PHP Template (written) Tutorial or the PHP-HTML-CSS 2 column Template - Code Generator.

In this template generator, the user enters colors, size, width, banner, etc into a form that generates a complete template. After completion of the final design layout, the user will be able to copy n paste the HTML - CSS code to produce immediate results.
Variables include :

Bottom Line: By playing around with various input values and then viewing the source code it's possible to learn a lot about CSS column layouts. Then using the source code and making manual changes to the CSS settings will benefit the more advanced students.
'Latest' version of output includes W3C HTML validation, plus meta tags.
BTW: Here are: Browser Colors by name and Color Schemes that work.

Top Section

Height: px     Border: px     Color:
Banner Image:
  Width =
Note: Include the http:// - Remove URL to remove banner.

Left n Right Columns:

Left Width: px       Left Color:       Left Border: px
Right Width: px       Right Color:       Right Border: px
Set width = 0 to remove left / right column

Main Section n General Settings:

Color:       Border: px       Border Color:
Font size: px       Font Color:       Font Style: